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Old economy
  • I am interested in exploring answers to the fascinating and important questions (like below) in the emerging economy that is fueled by the crowd-based power: 
  • How to organize the crowd to be more innovative, more informative, etc.?
  • Is social media a good source of information compared to traditional news media, especially in the stock market?
  • Should it be a battle or a form of collaboration between the crowd-based power and institutional power? In such interaction, what is the role of the platforms that usually link these two types of power?
  • ...
new economy
(Fueled by the Crowd-based Power)

(Hope my child-like doodle expresses my ideas clearly )

  • Specific to crowdsourcing, a theory to theorize the power of the crowd is needed. One important perspective to illuminate the blackbox of their creativity is through how the crowd are organized. 
the crowd's organizing form.png
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